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Every year, several million people in the United States are bit by a dog. Many of these bites requires medical attention by a physician. Many pet owners believe that they are allowed “one bite” before they are liable for the injuries their pet cause. While a first bite may keep the dog from being put down, or euthanized, this is not true in terms of liability to the injured party.

California law creates liability when the victim of a dog bite is harmed even if the owner of the dog claims that he/she was unaware of the dangerous propensities of the dog, and even if there have been no previous bites by that dog. Further, even if the owner claims that he/she maintained proper custody of that dog, liability still exists on behalf of victims in California. Victims of dog bites often suffer both physical and emotional injuries. Dog bites often result in significant, and sometimes permanent, scarring, and those injuries generally require evaluation by experts, such as plastic surgeons. Further, counseling by licensed health care providers, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist, may be required to deal with the traumatizing and lingering effects of a vicious dog bite.

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