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Catastrophic personal injury cases include lawsuits dealing with medical malpractice, auto accidents, bus, motorcycle and truck accidents, construction site accidents, poisoning, electrocution, burns, defective products, and many other types of cases, which cause serious and devastating injuries such as brain injuries, loss of limbs or amputations, comas and paralysis. Catastrophic injuries can dramatically change the lives of both the victims and their families. Because of the severity of the injuries or death, victims will suffer heavy financial, emotional, and physical damages. As such, medical costs, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, physical therapy, and many other obstacles can be extremely difficult to overcome without compensation.

At the Law Offices of Michael Sabongui we have the experience and dedication to handle the various types of lawsuits involving severe injuries to bring you the best results possible. Because these cases can be very complicated, experienced litigators who have specialized knowledge is essential for proper representation and optimal results. Each incident and resulting damages is unique and accordingly, accident victims need lawyers who treat each case with particularized and personal attention. As such, we will plan and prosecute a legal strategy commensurate with the contours of each particular case.

Most importantly, we are also aware of the tremendous hardship our clients suffer as a result of their injuries and we will always be sensitive to your needs. In that regard, we remain dedicated to work with you in a professional manner. Our office will work closely with you to keep you apprised of all major developments in your lawsuit. It is also important to us that you fully understand the nature and extent of your injuries before agreeing to a settlement. For instance, proper compensation should always take into account various factors for full and complete recovery such as the potential loss of earnings, present and future medical care and treatment, and pain and suffering as a result of your injuries.

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For persons who suffer catastrophic physical injuries, the physical, emotional and financial toll may be overwhelming.  At the Law Offices of Michael Sabongui, we will listen to your needs and provide you with a free evaluation.  The following websites may also be of some assistance.

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